Arthur (2011)

For those of you looking for a chuckle or two, or a bit of witty banter done in an English accent, look no further than Arthur.

This movie is a remake of the classic 1981 film of the same title which starred Dudley Moore in the main role. The basic plot follows Arthur (Russel Brand), a wealthy- perpetually drunk- playboy who is under pressure to marry a girl he doesn’t love (played by the fantastic Jennifer Garner), or risk being cut-off from his family’s money. Naturally- to further complicate matters- he’s in love with someone else; a low class ‘illegal tour’ guide named Naomi (Greta Gerwig). The central plot of the movie revolves around Arthur attempting to make a decision between being poor and happy, or rich and miserable. Toss in the uptight but lovable butler (Hellen Mirren) and a well-meaning but bumbling chauffer (Luiz Guzman) and comedy ensues.

All of the actors in this movie were simply outstanding. Russel Brand was absolutely hillarious, his drunken remarks, slapstick bits, and one liners kept the laughs coming throughout the film. Hellen Mirren was outstanding in her role as Hobson (I would even say an improvement over John Gielgud, who played the role in the original) Mirren just made more sense in this role, and truly brought it to life in a much more powerful manner. The character kept it’s uptight quality, but Mirren brought a certain female softness to it that made the character much more fun and likeable.

Greta Gerwig did much the same in her role as Naomi. She was sweet, smart, and instantly loveable. It’s easy to see why Arthur was so enamored with her from the start. Also this new incarnation is a bit more mellow than her 1981 counterpart. In the original she meets Arthur while shoplifting from a store. In 2011, they meet while she’s hosting an ‘illegal’ tour of Grand Central station.

The chemistry of actors keeps this film going for the full take. Every scene is punctuated by witty lines delivered perfectly by the cast, and as the plot plays out the movie draws you in and allows you to care for the characters. Tiny moments of sentiment sneak into the zany comedy, which adds a great spice to the overall tone.

Definately worth seeing.

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