Hey everyone,

I’m going to do my first Movie Critic on the last movie I saw in theaters.  Transformers 3: Dark side of the moon.  I want to start with saying this movie was amazing.  The 3D wasn’t really all that but the movie itself was truely awesome.  They did a spectacular job on the graphics and storyline.  Now…having said that I do have one problem with the movie in particular.  The new girlfriend.  I mean seriously?  Megan Fox should never have been cut out…never.  And this blond brod waltzed through this movie in white almost the entire time!  SHE NEVER GOT DIRTY!  She never had a smudge on her…her make up was always perfect.  And please…she was rolling and falling through crumbling buildings…through glass and other debris.  Not a scratch on her.  Not a single one.  Other than her the movie was spectacular.  The plot captured your attention and you barely noticed the three hours that passed.  I give this movie 2 thumbs up.