What will you do if you had only a minute to live? I myself cannot zero my thoughts onto anything particular. It’s a very smart question to know the answer to, don’t you think?  Colter Stevens, an US Army helicopter pilot wakes up to a beautiful Christina on a train heading towards downtown Chicago. Having no memory at all as to where he is or how he even came to be on that train, Stevens panics only find out that he is actually in the body of another person. 8 minutes is all he has to figure things out, when suddenly the train explodes and Colter Steven wakes up within a pod/chamber all fuzzy and confused. Whilst in a state of trance he is contacted by Captain Goodwin who tries to explain to him exactly what took place on the train. 8 Minutes is all he has to solve it all.

“Source Code” an impressive piece of work I must say. Very very strenuous on your mind, it twists your ability of thinking quite far out with the cliffhanger in the end. A noteworthy script by Ben Ripley, this is the first thing that I wanted to find out once I was through the whole movie. Who was the man behind the script?  It is a common practice that the writers are mostly over looked in respectable productions. It’s always the director or the cast that gets most of the praise. I myself personally am guilty of being such. To bring an original idea of this degree to life and to see it all the way through as a box office hit is a great achievement on his part. All I can think of while I pen this down is how in the world he was inspired to write this all on his own. Very smart and innovative movie, although one may say it can be named similar to the likes of “Inception”,   I would disagree. Moving onto the directorial, nothing extravagant, pretty straight forward, however maybe the character development could have used a bit more attention. There is potential in the storyline to add more depth; however Duncan Jones does not seem to care much as he seems to be quite satisfied with how it’s done. I would love to see more passion between Christina and Stevens, since everything builds based on the connection they have. However, Duncan Jones does capture most of the spirit and rides on the brilliance of the script with ease.

Vera Fermiga (The boy in the striped Pyjamas), Michelle Monaghan (Due Date) & Jake Gyllenhaal (Prince of Persia) dominates screen time and keeps the script mostly amongst them. Jake Gyllenhaal who has the lion’s share of the work to do all on his own, does well and does not bore! Seems he has learnt since Prince of Persia. Monaghan and Fermiga side by side gives a good portrayal and since I am at liberty to choose, I prefer Fermigas’ performance over Monaghan since she drew more emotion over the other. This is where I see opportunity for Duncan Jones to have paid more attention to detail. The plot pulls the movie through. This will be her only saving grace, if the plot differed and the efforts put in by the cast were the same with the exception of Gyllenhaal and Fermiga, “Source Code” will fail.

If you – the reader, appreciate movies with a twist and original plots, this is a very good movie. I will not rate it as a must watch, rather I would prefer to say it’s a good movie to wrap up a day.

Title: Source Code

Directed by: Duncan Jones

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Fermiga & Michelle Monaghan

Rated: PG 13 for some violence including disturbing images and for language.

Rating: 07/10

93 Minutes