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The Accidental Husband: An Early Review

“The Accidental Husband” stars Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, and Jeffery Dean Morgan. It’s directed by Griffin Dunne (Practical Magic, Famous) and written by first time writers Mimi Hare and Clare Naylor.

A radio talk show host named Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman) who sets relationships straight via phone conversations. She advises a caller to break up with her fiance before their wedding date. This sets off a revenge scheme by Patrick Sullivin (Jeffery Dean Morgan), the man who’s wedding she destroyed, to get back at Emma by getting her married to him without her consent. Hence the name. This brings me to an early review for “The Accidental Husband”, being released in theaters in August 2008.

This isn’t an anticipation review, but an anti-anticipation review, meaning don’t be too excited about this soon-to-come disaster. “Charm runs thin” claims Emma Lloyd and she is certainly right, for this romantic comedy lacks even the slightest bit of charm. I don’t even think that this qualifies as rental worthy. If you want to see a decent romantic comedy staring Uma Thurman, go rent “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”. At least that one isn’t torture to sit through and isn’t scarce of even the smallest of chuckles.

Stay away from this one when it hits theaters. The story isn’t even moderately cute and becomes more of an endurance test. One thing is for sure, this was a big time accident. There is absolutely no chemistry to be found between Uma Thurman and Colin Firth. Not since “Shall We Dance” staring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez has chemistry been so stagnate. “The Accidental Husband” is guaranteed to get bad reviews when it opens wide in August.

I found myself slapping my cheeks to stay awake, just to see the predictably sappy ending that irritated me more than anything. I could’ve turned this film off fifteen minutes in and tell you how it will end. This aggravated me greatly and certainly made me regret viewing it. I am letting you know months in advance, save your money and see anything else upon it’s meaningless approach to theaters.

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  1. You may want to edit your review. While Colin Firth does indeed play Richard Bratton, the person seeking revenge is Patrick Sullivan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Firth’s character, Richard, is Emma Lloyd’s fiance. It is Patrick’s girlfriend who Emma encourages to dump a boyfriend making him the aggrieved person and seeking revenge.

    A friend of mine saw the movie in London at the premier. She also said there was absolutely no chemistry between Thuman and Firth. She couldn’t figure out how these two people got together in the first place.

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