The Last time we saw Captain Jack he was paddling away at the end of poc world’s end. He was smiling holding a map with the directions for the fountain of youth.  Johnny Deep leads an outstanding cast staring Penelope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona) academy award winner Geoffrey rush (the kings speech) and Ian mcsahne (deadwood).  This is the fourth in installment of the action adventure block buster pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides. It runs Run 137 minutes and is directed by Rob Marshal.

    On stranger tides the story line surrounds the fabled fountain of youth and the indivudulas in search of the magical power of eternal life. While in England Jack runs into a few old friends, Captain Barbossa and old flame angelica from his past. He finds out that they both have their own agenda to find the fountain. Angelica tricks him to go on board her ship to help search for the fountain. She wants to help redeem the soul of her father who happens be the legendary   Black Beard.  Barbossa just wants revenge for the theft of the black pearl black pearl and Losing his leg in battle with Black beard. Keith Richard returns as Jack Father Captain Teaque .While talking to pop if he has seen the fountain of youth he says Jackie does this look like the face that has seen the fountain of youth.

What’s not to like about the good captain jack .He always seems to find a way to get in trouble? While being integrated by the queen’s prime minster about the map in his posseion he manages to escape while flying up to a balcony he grabs a pastry that he got stuck on a chandlery, he eats it and takes off.  While being chased through the streets of England, he ends up in a horse drawn carriage on the lap of a society lady played by Judi Dench. He nuzzles her neck and takes off. While on board Angelicas boat he talks to his crew members into a munity of the ship because he thinks black bear d is just a   myth. He finds out while munity is taking place Black beard appears from his cabin to jacks surprise. He point his sword at jack and blames him, jack talks himself out of trouble by willing to point fingers at everyone else.

 I wasn’t sure if this latest installment would hold up without the original cast mates Orlando bloom and Keri knightly.  I was wrong thank god. Penelope Cruz and Ian mcsahne more than filled in admirably in their roles as Blackbeard and his daughter admirably. They couldn’t have found a better area to film the scences for the fountain of youth; Hawaii was the perfect place to film the scenes s for the fountain of youth. I really have to get Hawaii.


 All in all Captain jack did not disappoint in his 4th go around in search of the fountain of youth. I give captain jack 4 stars.