We all have had those bosses that we hate. Those bosses who always seem to abuse their position to benefit themselves. Horrible Bosses is directed by Seth Gordon. Gordon’s other directorial work include Four Christmases. Can an intriguing premise be executed in a way that does not go over the top?


The film follows the lives of three friends, Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day), and Kurt (Jason Sudekis). As the title of the film suggests the three all hate their perspective bosses. Nick’s boss is a man named Dave (Kevin Spacey); Dave is a psycho path who takes great pleasure in making Nick’s life miserable. Dale’s boss is a woman named Julia (Jennifer Aniston); Julia is sexually harassing Dale even though she knows he is engaged. Kurt’s boss is a man named Bobby (Colin Farrell); Bobby is addicted to cocaine and he flaunts the idea that he wants to simply make money and does not care if the company fails in the long run. Kurt loves this company and Bobby rubs what he wants to do in his face.

The three decide to kill each other’s bosses; they seek out advice from a man named Dean “Motherfucker” Jones (Jamie Foxx). Dean serves as there advisor and tells them how to pull off the murders so they will not get caught and have better lives.


First and foremost this film is just flat out funny. No other word can describe it. However, what makes it funny is the undeniable chemistry between Bateman, Day, and Sudekis, the audience is able to buy the concept that they are good friends. The three also play off each other very well with their delivery of dialogue. Furthermore, Spacey, Anniston, and Farrell also sell their roles well for the audience really does hate them and they want to see them get there just desserts.

I also was able to appreciate the fact that the movie did not make the three friends into killers. They are just normal guys who get way too far over their heads. It is also funny to watch how the situation all plays out. Moreover, the film makes an unexpected turn at its half way point which also is very funny. I cannot explain it too much without spoiling it but let’s just say the audience truly sees how crazy one of the bosses really is.


Although I appreciated the turn the film took at the halfway point, it does feel like the last act of this film is a little rushed and underdeveloped. I still thought how the movie wraps itself up is funny and enjoyable it does come across as if the filmmakers did not know how to wrap everything up. Furthermore, I do not want to be picky but if real life bosses did act in this way than it would be easy to pursue a lawsuit against them. Again this is minor but it still is noticeable.



Regardless of how silly a premise might appear to be, the audience can look past it if is funny or clever. This film has both of those elements and for that this film scores points. I laughed throughout this film. This is without question the funniest movie I have seen this year.