“Jumper” stars Hayden Christensen and co-stars Samuel L. Jackson, and Jamie Bell. The sci/fi actioner is directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity,Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and written by David S. Goyer and Jim Uhls.

David Rice (Hayden Christensen) has a power known as “jumping”. This allows him to teleport himself practically anywhere you can think of, from the top of Mt. Rushmore to the Eiffel Tower. Jumpers also have enemies known as Paladins. Roland Cox (Samuel L. Jackson) is the leader of the Paladins and believes “Only God should have this power”.

This is an outrageous use of the true concept of teleportation, but without the monstrosity there is no entertainment. The special effects are decent but shot a little incoherently. You can’t blame Hayden Christensen for accepting a script sponsoring one of the coolest concepts of mankind. Who wouldn’t want to be the laziest superhero ever, sometimes transporting yourself inches for things like reaching the remote and getting some milk from the refrigerator.

They could have had much more fun with the concept. “Jumper” lacks in consistent action, but is never boring. I never really understood where his powers originated, something that will probably be told in the expected sequel. I am having a hard time remembering how well Samuel L. Jackson’s performance was. His hair distracted me from his acting, which is usually the more demanding role in a movie. Hayden Christensen gives a wooden performance, but works for the slothful role he was assigned.

The cinematography is a little rickety, making the viewers scope out and pin-point where our hero jumped to. Near the end, they finally have a little fun with the concept, jumping something distinguished earlier in the film. This helps the film from being repetitive. The last two minutes should have been placed somewhere in the middle of the film. I did enjoy it for a brainless superhero movie but it’s just not satisfying enough for a theatrical recommendation.