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Transformers-Dark of the Moon-Review

            When man first landed on the moon, it was a great moment in time for America. It was also a great discovered of life from another planet, which the government kept secret until the new life forms a threat to Earth. The Megatrons are now working for the government by disposing of terrorists and their weaponry. Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), a kept-secret twice America hero, has just graduated from college and is struggling to find a job. After his major breakup with Milaeka Banes (Megan Fox-Transformer I and II), he finds love in his new girlfriend, Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). Six months of grueling interviews and high expectations from his parents, Sam finds a job working in the mailroom of a major corporation. On his first day at work, Sam is attacked by a Decepticon and runs to Megatron headquarters to find out why. Decepticons are working on a major project and it is time for Sam to play hero once more. Is he up for the challenge? Will the Decepticon go after Carly to get to Sam? Will the Decepticons finally win? 



            So, I don’t think this film is a summer blockbuster hit. Sure there are moments of laughter but the action just seemed…rushed and thrown in my face all at once. Yes, there’s a lot of running and transforming but I needed more. Some of the stunts in the film looked like stunts, for example, (this is in the trailer) a scene with Sam, Carly and a couple of others are at the top of a falling skyscraper building and so happen to survive looking just as clean and pretty as before the scene. The movie ran WAY too long; I didn’t need two and a half hours to know what’s going on and why. I didn’t like Megan’s replacement (hate that she’s not in it). If the casting director’s goals were to find a hot body that the audience would rather look at than see or hear her act, they succeeded. All eye candy with poor acting behind it. I didn’t buy Sam’s breakup from Milaeka; they saved planet Earth together twice and were madly in love and her not wanting to be with him is the best the director can do? I also, didn’t buy Carly and Sam’s relationship, a few kisses and a determine will to save her doesn’t make me believe that Carly is his soul-mate. Also, the storyline is a little repetitious; starting out with Sam being a loser, he falls for a girl, the machines come to him, and he must save the damsel-in-distress and planet Earth. Boring! So, hopefully this is the last Transformers. All in all, I will not see this film again.

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