“Slacker” stars many unusual characters, one played by the writter, director and producer of the film Richard Linklater. This 1991 cult favorite is basically just a handful of stories and theories conjoined to make a film.

The film takes place in Austin, Texas where the film chronicles the lives of many ecentric characters. These characters include a paranoid dilusional who believes that the moon has been inhabited by humans since the 50’s, a disturbed man who deliberately kills his mother, and a group of kids who rig a coke machine to get free soda and sell it at half price.

Richard Linklater’s directorial debut is talky with a tedious pace. Not only is it slow, but none of this makes much sense. Very few of the theories shared in the film are interesting, leaving the viewers disoriented and feeling lost. This is just random thoughts shared through the lens of a camera, giving me the impression that anyone could have made this movie. Not only is it a seemingly boring film, it also has nothing amusing other than the unique way it was shot.

There certainly is some talent to be found in this director, who ends up making much better films than this one in his career of filmmaking. With no conflict, the film is lacking in excitement and the flair needed to establish the cult classic status it tried so hard to grasp. Considered a cult favorite by many critics and movie fans, this is a hard film to comprehend with, leaving a stale and disappointing aftermath.

Take my advice and skip it. The ending makes less sense than the entirety of the film, leaving nothing much to talk about besides the pointless notion contained in the picture. The most interesting converstion last about one minute and was the opening scene. The script felt like something written by a slacker with no intention on making anything meaningful.