Super 8 was a great movie. The message was powerful, and it actually made me say “wow” aloud in the theater. Good, nay, great shots, and some very powerful writing. The message is something that I can’t get off my mind, and the soundtrack and score are phenomenal. Anyone who liked Spielberg’s Alien classics will LOVE this new Abrams working. Second best movie of the year. The acting was astounding from all fields, and I felt a connection with all of the characters. Sorry to mention again, but the message in it was so subtle that when it finally hit you, you aren’t able to let go of it. It will bring back your own thoughts on it, and you will (to use this as a verb) nostalgia SO hard. J.J. Abrams, I, again, applaud you for delivering good humor, family values, fantastically-executed viewing of a time period, and, generally, a film that will make you want to see it again, very soon. Bottom Line: A.