Super 8 and Steven Spielberg’s next big Science Fiction Projects, a Mr. E Movie Special Review and News

Goonies + ET + Close Encounter of the Third Kind = Super 8

Let me work out the math for you…A rambunctious group of young characters with a mission, aka The Goonies, have their lives suddenly interrupted by an extra terrestrial, aka ET, and it leads to an inevitable yet spectacular journey that ends with an out of this world encounter, aka of the Third Kind.

When a group of friends set out to finish their “zombie” movie they’re really trying to find the best “production” value they can get on a budget of zero. So, they sneak out one night to film at a train station. Only the scene is suddenly interrupted when the set erupts into a fiery spew of train wreckage. The friends still set on finishing their film run into a strange slew of events that lead to the discovery of the trains wreckage and exactly what was on board.

JJ Abrams homage to Steven Spielberg is complete. This intriguing action, sci-fi, adventure has all the elements of classic “Berg” all while keeping itself fresh. I felt while I was watching as if I was familiar with it all and seriously had moments through out where I said to myself, “Oh, that’s ET and hey that reminds me of the Goonies.” It genuinely felt nostalgic.

The special effect of course where amazing but the wild way they kept playing with us with the alien monster really keeps you looking for that peek of what it really looks like. I mean, I found myself sitting up in my seat trying to get a good look at this thing! And that just goes to show you how engaging the storyline is. Fast paced and full of discovery you couldn’t ask for more these days with the flat stories they try to feed us, see 2010’s Skyline if you need an example.

If going to the movies is suppose to be an enjoyable and entertaining experience than Super 8 not only delivers it’s sure to be added to the list of films I’ve referenced for future movie watchers and list makers to review for generations to come.

Definitely an awesome re-watchable picture and so for that I’m doing it again. I’m handing out another must see rating of 5 out of 5 stars.


Steven Spielberg’s next big Science Fiction Projects…

Well the “Berg” is busy, as always, churning out his magic as the “great collaborator” that he is, a quote I paraphrased from an interview JJ Abrams recently gave on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

On the small screen we’ve got two big 2011 debuts.

First up we’ve got Falling Skies debuting on June 19th on TNT. Falling Skies is a Sci-fi, action, drama that picks up six months after a devastating alien invasion has taken place and what’s left of the human population is forced to survive as resistance, and the trailers look awesome.


Mr. Spielberg’s second small screen project is titled Terra Nova and it debuts this Fall on Fox. I have to start off by saying it looks great but Fox is a notorious show killer and that concerns me especially with a show like this that looks soooo good. Terra Nova is about the future of the planet Earth and when its resources have been exhausted the only solution is to use a newly developed technology that will allow a portion of the population to travel back in time to when dinosaurs ruled to reboot the world and save mankind.


On the big screen we’ve got the third installment of the Michael Bay directed Transformers: Dark of the Moon starring Shia LeBeouf out in theaters on June 29th. Early reports say that this one has a better script than the last installment along with the much talked about replacement for the gorgeous Megan Fox. I guess we’ll know shortly how it all ranks for ourselves.


Next, we’ve got Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford starring in graphic novel turned film Cowboys and Aliens. Trailers again for this one look great, and the whole idea of mashing these two Hollywood heavyweight genres together is just so cool and I can’t personally wait. Cowboys and Aliens is out July 29th .


This one flew under my radar right until I was researching this article. What if “Berg” took the “Rock’em Sock’em” robots and turned them into a movie starring Hugh Jackman? Well wonder no more! Real Steel is that film it’s already completed and will be released October 7th, 2011. It follows a former boxer, Jackman, whose now entered a new age of battle in the ring with 2,000 pound robots dishing out and taking the blows. The trailer is out and again it looks great.


Finally on the list is Men in Black 3. Yep that’s right you ready it correctly, MIB 3. Returning to their roles will be Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. It’s currently being filmed and will be released on May 25th of 2012. Nothing has been released as far as the story goes but the cast will include Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson, and Bill Hader as Andy Warhol.