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I am number four-Review

            Nine lives with special powers have escaped from their planet to live on Earth and stay in hiding from their planet’s immortal enemies, who have followed them. The threats are killing each escapee one by one and in order, which is where the story starts when they finish off number three. John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), also known as number four, and his warrior protector Henri (Timothy Olyphant) often move from town to town if too much attention is directed to John. Trying to keep a low profile, they move to Paradise, Ohio. The first day John attends the school, he instantly falls in love with the native, Sarah Harte (Dianna Agron). The threats discover his location and begin attacking. A fellow escapee named Jane Doe (number six), shows up to join John in battling the threats. Will they survive? Will numbers seven, eight and nine join them? What will happen to John and Sarah? 


            I liked the film. I expected the worst from what the critics’ reviewed when it first came out. They were saying that this movie is another Twilight film, which I didn’t see at all. I enjoyed watching number four and six’s powers unfold and magnify. Number six is not in the film as often as I want her to be and she’s the best fighter with the coolest powers. The acting was good and the concept was slightly original and pleasing. The threats or the villains weren’t that bad to me; they could have been more “villainy.” I didn’t like that they spent a lot of time with John and Sarah; enough with the romance, I want action. The special effects were entertaining and fun to watch. All in all, even though my review has more negatives than positives, I still like it and will watch it again.

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  1. Great review, Nicole. I agree that Number 6 isn’t in the movie as often as I’d like to see, but that will no doubt be remedied in the sequel, where we will meet at least one or two of the others (my guess is Number 7 and 8). I’d honestly like to see more of the dog! He was pretty fun! When I saw the previews for this movie I had thought that it was Dianna Agron as number 6. I was really looking forward to seeing her switch from the preppy little cheerleader to a black-clad badass. Maybe she can follow John in the sequel and learn the trade, become his new protector even. I also think we’ll be seeing a lot more of Teresa Palmer in future films. But this goes to prove that places named Paradise are to be avoided! Try Hell, Michigan; I hear it’s a nice place!
    ~ Kit

  2. I agree with just about everything you said. This is a scifi movie that was played up in the previews as an action flick, and I wanted to see a lot more action scenes and a lot less typical teen-flick romance. I also agree that the villains needed a lot more substance (not to mention a decent motive, besides just being “evil”). Great review, Nicole!

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