What do fast cars, locked up violent criminals, and a T.V. show all have in common? Horrendous deaths with millions of people viewing the action and having dangerous inmates kill to get out. Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) and his team are on a robbery job for his boss, Markus Kane (Sean Bean), which should have been a walk in the park like all of the other heists. Until the members in Carl’s team make a drastic mistake that causes Carl to kill the bank’s security guard and lands him in a remote prison. At the prison, the warden allows former Miss America, September Jones (Lauren Cohan) to have live present-day gladiator matches within the walls and showcase them on television. Later, the cars are introduced whereas if you survive and win, you win your freedom, but things don’t go as planned. Will Carl earn his freedom? Will Markus take vengeance on a failed heist? 

Review:            I thought he film was…so so. Sure there were a lot of blood and killings but it just didn’t do what I needed it to do, which was to entertain. I thought the film was too long and dragged on during several scenes. The climax didn’t make sense-I don’t want to get into it and ruin the surprise-but it was a horrible outcome. The script was bland and boring and the acting was mediocre. I didn’t appreciate the ending because it didn’t give me a good end-of-movie moment. All in all, I will never see this film again; watch the first Death Race instead.