Best Superhero movie ever? Hell no, that title belongs to one of the Christopher Nolan Batman flicks. One of the best? Oh, you betchya.

Going into this movie, I had my expectations set high. A good director, a phenomenal ensemble cast, and what appear, in the trailers, to be fantastic shots. Well, needless to say, my expectations were COMPLETELY met. The film’s acting and shots were phenomenal, and the writing was fantastic. I’d recommend a theater visit for this one. Not only were the graphics great, but the story was gripping, as well. Sure to inspire light into the failing X-Men franchise (and don’t you DARE even tell me its not, after witnessing the bomb that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

Erik (Magneto) (Michael Fassbender), Charles Xavier (Professor X.) (James McAvoy), and many other mutants are chronicled in this prequel to the Bryan Singer-franchised X-Men series. It shows the development of the X-Men during the early Cold War, and allows for the audience to connect to the people in the film, mutant or not.

Best Aspects: Everything. Hardly any flaws in the movie.

Bottom Line: A. Third best superhero movie. Ever. Third best movie of the year. See it now. Do it. I can see you, you aren’t leaving. Seriously. Get up and leave and go to the theater. NOW!