The 1999 romantic comedy Friends & Lovers has quickly become one of my least favorite films of all time and certainly a candidate for worst film of this 365 in 365 journey. The plot of the film centers on Ian, a owner of his own business who has father issues. His father invites Ian and his friends to his cabin for some free skiing and an opportunity to bond with his son. Ian brings his friends which include his business partner’s little sister, Steven Baldwin, Claudia Schiffer and a token gay man. Ian and his father have much to discuss and sex is given as freely as a handshake in this poorly written and acted film.

The major problem with the film is the script. The storyline centering around Ian and his father is straight out of a middle school production. All the typical lines like “you never loved me!” and “you were too busy with work for mom and me!” are belted out with the realism you would expect from non-actors. The problem is, these are real actors. Getting to the acting side quickly, Stephen Baldwin should be ashamed of the work done in this film. He’s playing the role of the immature sexually charged Jon who is continually frustrated by his lack of sexual relationship. Jon continually makes lame come on jokes and attempts to interrupt everyone during their own sexual escapades. The most egregious actor in the film is Robert Downey Jr. who plays the role of of Hans, a German ski instructor with a horrible and offensive accent. To sum up, because this film doesn’t deserve much more time spent on it, the film is awful. It took all I had to finish the movie desperately hoping for some kind of reversal of fortune. Unfortunately the film is a horrible example of what romantic comedies can be and should be avoided.