For a while I really thought that, those days are gone where, machos like arnold and sylvester stallone acted in super action films. When i first heard that, Sylvester stallone is planning to bring in all the  action heroes of 80’s in one movie, I firstly doubted and then I realized that every action movie lovers are sure to rejoice with this one. Milenium pictures brings in THE EXPENDABLES. Literally, speaking the meaning of the movie is that they are the persons who are ready to give their lives to fulfill something for the military. From the title we realize that these men are going to fight for the military and show some real action on screen.

The basic storyline goes like this. Barney ross portrayed by sylvester stallone is appointed for a mission to save an island called VIilena. The problem with the island is that, people are being harrased and asked for something. Church portrayed by bruce willis, appoints barney ross for the mission after a negative approval from Trent malf portrayed by arnold schwazenneger. So barney ross asks an amount of 5 million for the job. He asks one half and one half later. After a discussion with his friends , and some demands, barney and christmas leave for checking the island. After some time, the troop return for action.

Character development is worst in the movie. We do not know the origin of these expendables. From where they came and how they came together. Except Jason statham who has a small life with his girl friend, none of them, have a family I think. No story till 20 min mark. After that, some tourist vacations and very fast action scene with a bomb kaboom!!! . What is going to be the second half? Where are the characters imp;ortance in the movie. Jet li has a subdued role. Rest characters, strictly to say has nothing to do. Mindless revenge drama in between, is waste. Where is the story and how the things are moving on? I am dissapointed.

Dialogs are to be the way they have to be. ” Meet my girl friend, Omaya kaboom” is what we get and this shows that , his life is only with the missiles. Barney ross says ” You are an unusual guy and you have unusual things right! ” wait! what is goingon? after that dialog, with the expression on sylvester stallone’s face, i get an idea that movie is running for runtime and not story. I am suffocated when, Sylvester says ” He wants to be president” and arnold smiles erratically at him. Bruce willis is just saying those bad words, nothing special to mention in his cameo. Jason statham is regular. Jet li is subdued. Rest are just crap. ” I came for her” is the last dialog before the climax. Now I realized that, movie turned into a love story instead of an action story. Every dialog is senseless and perfectly flawed. 

Direction and screenplay by Sylvester stallone himself, is ok. I did not find any exceptional performances and neither any appreciating scenes. It was just ok. Movie went on a dull note in first half. Second half was loaded with action scenes.  In the beginning , when the expendables are introduced, I do not understand who appointed them, and what is their mission?How much pay each are getting. Perfectly flawed direction.

Technically editing was way better to make the movie short. Loads of mindless  action scenes in night and good action scenes in daylight. Music by Brian tyler, is regular and I see shades of Rambo tone in it. Cinematography is good and captures things well. Rest all are ok.

Finally this is an action movie, with lackluster script and stale narration. Watch it for your own satisfaction. Dont have any expectations.