Ever one imagined when dreams can become real. When we are sleeping we always have dreams at times. What we see in dreams are just imaginary and we need stronger emotions to get it to be done. Inception makes the pavement now for this concept. Dream is the main soul of the movie and the whole thing runs with it. But we know Nolan is not a simple director. He is technocrat and creative director and so he projects the purpose of this movie so deep that levels of dreaming are displayed. Judging by this we can say, how strong the script for the movie is. When such a script is involved , there is a need for accurate narration or story telling. Of course Nolan explains the basic concepts and things involved in those in the first half. When second half comes into picture, he applies the concept so deep that the viewers are solving a maze, and with a puzzling climax, inception is mind invader.

The basic story is about Dom cobb a specialist in extracting ideas from dreams by entering into their sub conscious. He does it so well, that the dreamer would not realize. He has a problem with his corporation and also a deep emotional problem with his family. He now is appointed to do a job that is the reverse of what he actually does. The thing is to plant an idea in Fisher’s mind , called as inception. So he arranges a group of specialist that form the team of Cobb. But this may not be done so easily. An internal enemy of the projections of the dream can crack the maze and make the dreamers and the extractors to get failed in the job. How is Cobb going to accomplish this impossible job?

Performances are top notch. Leonardo Dicaprio ( Dom cobb ) is the main character in the movie. His character development is more precise and his expressions and dialogue delivery is perfect. His team members include Joseph gordon Lewitt as Arthur, who understands Cobb and his problems. Ellen page as ariadne , is the architect who builds dream world. Tom hardy as Eames the impersonator. Ken watanabe as Saito who asks for inception. Cillian murphy as fischer who is the main person in the inception concept. Dileep rao who is a powerful chemist and rest all have played their roles for perfection. Special mention about Marion cotillard who does the negative role in the movie is great. Her evil eyes and dialogue slang is perfect. Her screen presence with Leonardo is perfect.

Dialogues gets a special mention in this movie. The movie is loaded with lots of dialogues that are clever , gripping and sometimes emotional also. The scene where Cobb defines inception and Arthur gives an example of elephants are really great.

Technically movie is stellar. Cinematography is picture perfect especially in the scenes involving the Limbo state. Music by Hans Zimmer is electronically stunning and emotionally connecting. During the action scenes, the score rocks the seats. Editing is superb. Scenes get connected perfectly. Camera work and other departments are awesome.

Bottom line: Inception is innovative, powerfully scripted with stellar performances and technically brilliant visuals. I have a say that people who cannot understand this movie will like to watch it again till they understand the concept. But for the others who are deeply connected to the story, would not have a single doubt as it is a mind blowing puzzle created by Nolan.