The world is a little darker place now that Jack Sparrow has been imprisoned in Davy Jones’ locker.  Perhaps Elizabeth Swann learned what it is like to be a real pirate when she sacrificed Jack to the Kraken to save herself and the other crew members of the Black Pearl.  Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is an epic finale to the Pirates trilogy beginning with Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and the newly revived Captain Hector Barbossa traveling to the Far East.  They must convince Captain Sao Feng, one of the nine pirate lords, to hand over a map that shows the way to the end of the world (where Jack Sparrow is imprisoned) and back again.  While Barbossa, Turner, and Swann search uncharted waters for Jack and the Black Pearl, Cutler Beckett (the sinister head of the Dutch East India Company) has control of the heart of Davy Jones, thus he has Jones and the Flying Dutchman to do his bidding.  In his attempt to command the seas, Beckett has declared war and thrown down the gauntlet of death to all suspected pirates.  Soon the song has been sung, and the call goes out to all of the pirate lords of the world to come together as the Brethren Court.  They must answer the call of all the world’s pirates by deciding what they will do in response to the potential extinction of pirate-kind.  Can a group of people known for only looking out for their skin come together in the defense of others?  The Brethren Court are not the only ones with hard choices ahead of them.  Will Turner must decide to free his father from the Flying Dutchman or pursue is future love with Elizabeth. Will Barbossa try to unbind the goddess Calypso?  Will Calypso help the pirates in the fight against Beckett or will she side with her old lover Jones?  Jack also has a grand idea of becoming the new captain of the Flying Dutchman making him commander of the oceans and seas, or can he do the right and honorable thing by thinking of others and defending freedom?  Everyone will have to choose a side in At World’s End, and everyone has their future invested in the outcome to the stand-off.  Lives will be changed forever and destinies will be revealed as the trilogy comes to a close.

            The film makers saved all their best special effects and dramatic suspense for At World’s End.  Gore Verbinski as director and Jerry Bruckheimer as producer take the helm again for this fan friendly finale.  The fight for freedom takes center stage,  a storyline that is relatable to practically anyone with a heartbeat.  The right for any man or woman to cross the seas to look for a better life is under attack as the Dutch East India Company wants full control of all waters and trade routes.  An amazing final fight takes place during a tremendous storm unleashed by the newly unbound goddess Calypso.   The Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman maneuver into a sort of naval dance as they are drawn into the eye of the storm to begin combat.  A truly intense and sword-thrashing fight ensues with everyone pitching in to their respective sides.

            At World’s End is a spectacular film that truly takes the audience to the end of the world and back again.  The story provides a deeper look into the history and the workings of the pirate world.  Johnny Depp has always given Keith Richards, guitarist of The Rolling Stones, credit for providing part of the swagger and shine that is Captain Jack Sparrow.  It is only fitting that Richards makes a cameo as Captain Teague, keeper of the pirate code.  It is difficult to add a lot of detail about this film in fear of revealing too much and spoiling the ending.  Rest assured all questions brought up throughout the trilogy will be answered.  Destiny is revealed in the future of all the major characters making the romantic conclusion satisfying and memorable.  It is important for all true Pirates fans watch this movie in its entirety, including the credits and directly after.  For all the fans sad to see the last of Captain Jack Sparrow and his swash-buckling hi-jinks, it looks as if the door is not completely closed to another sequel.  So drink me hearties, yo ho!