What happens when your childhood best friend gets engaged and wants you to be her maid-of-honor? You try to make her day as perfect as possible, but events don’t go as planned for Annie (Kristen Wiig), the maid. At the bride’s, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), and groom’s engagement party, Annie finds competition with one of the bridesmaid, Helen (Rose Byrne). Annie is threatened by Helen’s beauty and her expensive connections to make Lillian’s wedding a fairytale dream and Lillian’s potential replacement as her best friend. Annie, on the other hand, recently lost her business, is living with two roommates and just ended a bad relationship. So, she is not in the wedding mood but she tries and fails in this comedic film of the year.



            I loved this film! It is not often to see an all female cast in a comedic film. At watching the trailer, I thought it was another chick flick with crying females complaining about their failed relationships or finding new romances. Well, it is kind of that type of film but with originality. Wiig and Melissa McCarthy (who plays Megan, a bridesmaid) completely made the movie. With original comedic scenes and wild adventures, had me locked into every moment. I also liked that the disasters that occurred can happen to anyone which also made me connect to it as well.  This film gave me stomach aches and I highly recommend watching it. All in all, I can’t wait to buy this film on Blu Ray or DVD.