Soul Surfer offers people a theatrical playing on a true story of Bethany Hamilton, a thirteen year old girl who looses an arm from a shark attack while surfing. Although somewhat predictable, the movie is quite touching and offers a main message that everyone can relate to, which is to never give up. The camera is a little shaky in the beginning with a montage of photos, but the rest of the movie is quite clear, focusing on the tremendous waves and challenges Bethany must overcome.The beginning of the movie offers the exciting, yet dangerous life as a professional surfer, but the main turning point in the movie is the accident. When Bethany goes surfing with her families’ close friends a shark takes Bethany’s arm.  Bethany remains calm, which the doctor explains probably kept her alive.  The rest of the movie focuses on Bethany’s journey to continue to pursue her dream of becoming a professional surfer.  After a rough attempt at a first competition Bethany looses hope, but finds it in encouraging letters sent from around the world admiring Bethany’s courage.  Bethany discovers that even with her disability she can still do whatever she puts her mind to, but even more so that some people have it worse. On a mission trip to Mexico she helps children after a tsunami in their village.  Bethany does  not win the competition at the end, but catches the perfect wave, and best ride of her life.Soul Surfer main target is tweens and teenagers, but keeps you hooked throughout the whole movie.