A surgeon by profession, Danny (Adam Sandler) realizes been “fake married” has its perks. He runs into Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) quite by coincident whilst partying with his cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson). Following a night of sheer bliss on the sandy beach, Palmer finds a wedding ring “fake” of course in Danny’s’ trouser pocket. Things don’t end pretty well. Danny for the first time thinks that this girl he met aka Palmer is the one. He seeks advice from Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) his assistant on how he could get Palmer to accept him. He tries taking up Katherine’s’ advice, however suddenly decides to “Just Go With It”.

“Just Go With It” turns out to be an averagely hilarious comedy.  “Grown Ups” from 2010 which was written by Sandler himself along with Fred Wolf, this time round the scripts done by Allan Loeb. Loeb who did the screenplay for “The Dilemma” seems to have accomplished a more all-round better job with this one. “Just Go With It” very humorous and has a decently fast past story line which keeps the audience involved most of the time. Dennis Dugan (Grown Ups) has been quite brilliant in his comic directorial in the past. He keeps his eye on the game at all times and I feel he has taken quite a lot effort with the support of his cast and crew to keep most of the ends tight. Good comedy is hard to come by. Although this was no “Hangover” , this meets its requirements of being a family comedy.

The yactors (young actors) I must commend were very focused and committed in their work. True professionals of tomorrows Hollywood! They were both convincing, humorous and helped the flow of comic relief. Maggie (Bailey Madison) was surprisingly a shining star with the usage of her dialects and the consistency. Micheal(Griffin Gluck) did not fall short, great and interesting and funny. Sandler, Aniston, Kidman and Decker – need I say more – wonderfully done. Fabulous! The Chemistry between the frenimies from high school past, the chemistry of love hate, were all felt by me and this was not groundbreaking, this was just these stars  being all they are! Eddie (Nick Swardson) was my favorite of it all. He was near perfect; he always got that extra comedy where the jokes didn’t quite make it through to the surface. “Shee. C.R” outstanding, cracked me up completely.

Great movie to be shared with your family, don’t miss out on it. Make a date, get some good popcorn done, get some sodas, sit down with your loved ones and just have some good innocent laughter.

Title: Just Go With It

Directed by:  Dennis Dugan

Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Nick Swardson, Brooklyn Decker, Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck

Rated: PG 13 for frequent crude sexual content, partial nudity, brief drug references and language.

Rating: 06/10

117 Minutes