Borders between 02 countries always create conflict at one point or another. The story line of an illegal immigrant breaking the law, crossing the line and being brutally murdered and the murder being justified is something I have seen before.


However this time there was a twist added to the storyline and this created all the more intensity in the bloody massacre of the MACHETE.  An ex Mexican federal Machete Cortez “Danny Trejo” living his calm serene life under the radar of the much irreparable American Justice system , fished out by Michael Blooth “Jeff Fahey” ( Most likely know to us more famously as the pilot in the hit TV series LOST) to commit the crime of Murder. The Murder of Senator John McLaughlin “Robert De Niro”. Only to find out it would result in him being back throat to throat with his nemesis Torrez “Steven Seagal”.


Danny Trejo has always been the kind of actor who plays the darker more vicious roles. More commonly know by us all as the BAD GUY/VILLIAN. This time he stars in the movie at the age of 66 as the hero who has no hesitance of pulling out his Machete and cutting through any human, like a warm knife glides through a chunk of cold butter. Machete is grind house genre, more of “Hostel “effect, blood bath of a movie. The movie is introduced to you with such a bang that I was taken a few inches back in my own seat to be able to accept the horror and the brutality of guiltless manslaughter. The maturity in Danny Trejo, the wisdom he naturally portrays , his presence on the screen with his scarred face, deep eyes, tattooed chest enhances the gruesomeness of the character Director / Writer Rodriguez intends to emphasize.


I was quite surprised to see Stevan Seagal in the movie as a villain for his previous big screen feats always enhances his skills of martial arts. However when he effortlessly decapitate Cortezs’ wife and gave out his first few lines in the movie, he settled in pretty well as any Mexican drug lord would fit in. Furthermore Machete manages to keep the storyline and the fact line with the 90 minutes very simple and straightforward and also was quite obvious.


 However simple the storyline was, the bloody man slaughter , the nudity and with the fast paced action packed shootouts and slit throats, Machete is a worth while watch & a “Fuck You in the face” action movie!!