“Fuck Bruce Willis.” That’s right and welcome to my review of ‘Scream 4’, the movie that doesn’t know if it wants to be a parody or serious slasher film. The movie brings back the original cast of David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and a slew of new red shirts, I mean actors and actresses to take on Ghost Face (The Killer). The story goes as follows. Sindy(Campbell) returns to Woodsboro, fifteen years after the original killings in the first movie,  on a book tour for a book she wrote about the killings. (Yea, Dr. Loomis style.) She soon discovers that there’s a new killer in town and he / she wants her dead.

Like I said above, this movie is very confused on what it wants to be. I know these films have kind of always been a parody of the slasher genre to a point, but I feel like it went to far this time. The entire movie I was waiting for the actors to start talking to me like this is a Deadpool comic or something, it just seemed like it would fit in some parts. There were even a few scenes that could have fit perfectly, as is, into one of the ‘Scary Movie’ films, most notably the first five minutes of the movie.

Another problem is that it doesn’t really seem like the main characters have evolved any, well minus now being the only people in the town with the balls to stand up to Ghost Face. To me it just seems that with a series as “smart” as ‘Scream’, the characters would have changed and grown much more than just getting older and getting new jobs. As for the rest of the characters, you don’t really learn much about them. Well except that one really likes to bake and a couple of them really love horror movies. (Yea they had to replace Jamie Kennedy somehow.) Oh and one more thing. Maybe it’s that I haven’t seen a ‘Scream’ movie in years but Ghost Faces’ voice sounded a bit different. Sure it could just be me and my spotty memory but it just sounded off.

All in all ‘Scream 4’ was a decent enough ride that all fans of slasher films should check out, regardless. As for everyone else, just wait on it. I wouldn’t recommend paying to see it in theaters, just rent it once it’s out on dvd from redbox or something.