Top 5 “Rainn Wilson” Films, a Mr. E Movie Countdown Special

Most of America would know Rainn Wilson from his role on NBC’s The Office. But, Mr. Wilson is not just a one act show. He is a very funny actor whose talents go beyond 14 year professional career. When looking at the roles Rainn as filled over the years one can only argue the order of which this list is assembled and not its content.

#5. Galaxy Quest

Not a huge role but a very funny one. Rainn played Lahnk who was the ‘requisitions officer’ for the alien Thermian crew.

#4. My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Rainn plays Luke Wilson’s best friend Vaughn Haige. Hilarious, witty, and clueless. My favorite quote comes from a conversation he has with a bartender. It goes something like this:

Vaughn Haige: There are 3 moments I’ll remember ’til the day I die. 1: the look on my father’s face when I graduated from Harvard law school. 2: Helping a beached mother whale give birth. And… 3: You and me, together, here, tonight.
Bartender: Don’t speak to me again… ever

#3. Monster vs. Aliens

Even though he’s just doing a voice over this movie was huge and his role as the evil “tentacled” alien leader, Gallaxhar. Funny, clueless, and as goof as can be! A must see for all ages.

#2. The Rocker

His role as Robert “Fish” Fishman is epic. He rocked out with his…well…you know. The Rocker tells the story of “Fish” a failed drummer who is given a second chance at fame with the help of his nephew and friends. If you missed this one check it out a.s.a.p. you will not be disappointed.

#1. Super

After Frank D’Arbo, played by Wilson, loses his wife Sarah, played by Liv Tyler, to a drug dealer, played by Kevin Bacon, this “everyday guy” transforms himself into the Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best of intentions, even though he lacks any heroic skills. Wilson is brilliant.