Now, Let me First State that this Movie ISN’T one of those “Serial Killer” Movies if you haven’t already Seen the Trailer. The Killer is a Some-What Unknown “Demon-Type” Killer, and Is very Minimal of Being Predictable of what it about to Happen Next.

The Movie is in My Opinion, VERY Similar to the First Film, but is Also an Explanation of the Origin of the “Demon” that Terrorizes the Family in Both Films. But Don’t let the Movie Trailers Fool you. Although the One-Minute Sneak-Peak MIGHT Not look Scary to Some People, It is SURE to give you some “Good Scares” Here and There. The Movie still has the same Concept of the First Film, But this Time the “Victims” are fellow Family Members of Girlfriend “Katie” from “Paranormal Activity” which Includes the Sister of Katie who’s Name is “Kristi” played by Actress “Sprague Grayden”,  The Step-Daughter of Kristi who’s Name is “Ali” played by Actress “Molly Ephraim”, The Father/Husband of Kristi and Ali who is “Daniel” played by Actor “Brian Boland” and Also featuring the Stars from the First Movie “Katie and Micah” played by “Katie Featherson and Micah Sloat”. To “Summarize” the Film, The Movie is about a Family who Records Videos of their Newborn Son’s Life Named “Hunter” and One Day leaves the House to go see a Movie and later come back to see that the Entire House has been Vandalized and Broken Into, Or So they Thought. They later Purchase Security Cameras to have Installed throughout the Entire Household and Show their Terrifying, Gut-Wrenching, Jaw Dropping, and Heart-Breaking Discovery of what is actually Happening to their Home, Including Doors Opening/Closing, Shadow Sightings, The Son being Lifted out of His Crib at Night, and Horrifying Physical Encounters with the “Demon”.

Overall, This Movie is an EXCELLENT Choice for a “Date Movie” or a Good Film for “Horror Movie Frantics” who are in to Paranormal/Scary Documentary Movies and I give this Film an Eight out of  Ten Rating because of how Much I Love these Films.