Undead Or Alive

“Undead Or Alive” stars Chris Kattan, James Denton, Navi Rawat, and Brian Posehn. It’s directed by first time director Glasgow Phillips and the story is written by first time writer Scott Pourroy.

After robbing the sheriff of the town, Elmer Winslow, an army recruit, (James Denton) and Luke Budd, a local cowboy, (Chris Kattan) are now on the run. Sheriff Claypool ends up getting bit by a zombie and is now creating a blood thirsty regime to hunt down Elmer and Luke. Joining Elmer and Luke on their escape from the sheriff is an female warrior out to exact revenge on those who killed her people. Their plan goes haywire when the group finds out that everyone around them are now zombies.

The special effects for such a low budget film are pretty good. Everything else goes straight down the drain. “Undead or Alive” features an emotional cowboy that doesn’t know how to spit, zombies that negotiate, and horrible music that doesn’t suit the western genre. It does have a promising beginning that clearly states that this is going to be a spoof. The only decent role was played by Brian Posehn as the dead head zombie. Most of the jokes are lame and childish. Maybe one squeezed a “Ha” out of me.

An excruciatingly unfunny zombie western that has a juvenile script and ignorant characters. The artificial relationship between Chris Kattan and Navi Rawat is revolting. As you can see, this spoof generated nothing but annoyance. By the time the slow motion act involving Chris Kattan comes into play, you will be wishing you were belly up. Poorly directed by Glasgow Phillips, who obviously was going for something campy and fun, but ends up with a nearly unwatchable zombie western.

A horrendously bad movie. Take my advise and save your money. Burn every copy. It was a waste of time you could be spending watching a more entertaining horror comedy. This movie is as dead as they come. “Undead Or Alive” has some extremely crippled jokes, and the ending is just as tasteless as the film, involving skipping zombies. I will never, ever watch this movie again.

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  1. Wow your joking this movie was one of the better B Movies that I have seen in a long time…it was entertaining to say the least and the actors did a fine job playing out how stupid they are…it was worth a watch to me when your bored or just wanting to see a little bit of a decent zombie flick

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