The Brave One

“The Brave One” stars two time academy award winner Jodie Foster, Terrance Howard, Naveen Andrews, and Nicky Katt. It’s directed by Neil Jordon (The Crying Game) and the screenplay is written by Roderick Taylor and Bruce A. Taylor.

A radio host named Erica Bain (Jodie Foster) and her fiance David (Naveen Andrews) are brutally attacked while walking their dog. Erica Bain survived the attack, but unfortunately her fiance didn’t. Now, with revenge on her mind, she sets out to find the ones who destroyed her life and took her dog, killing every criminal that gets in her way. How many wrongs does it take to make things right?

It does start off a little slow, but it picks up the pace near the end. Jodie Foster give another fantastic performance. “The Brave One” received a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Actress, but didn’t win. The story is cliched and predictable, but Jodie Foster keeps us on her side. She shows her powerful acting skills, especially near the end. Terrance Howard does a terrific job as the honest detective on the Vigilante case. The score fits the film, unlike this years disappointing Vigilante thriller “Death Sentence”.

The photography was a bit sketchy. Director of photography (Philippe Rousselot) makes the film somewhat disorienting. Every once in a while the camera goes from being cocked to the left, to being cocked to the right. Other than the photography, this is a true crowd pleaser. Director Neil Jordon does a great job at getting the actors and actresses to really shine. Some scenes are well shot but others are shot unstable.

This easily deserves my recommendation. Jodie Foster accomplished a fearless and difficult role for a well mannered woman, such as herself. A tad bit long, considering the film was lacking in tons of action, but this doesn’t effect the need to see this movie. The jaw-dropping ending is what puts the icing on the cake. I was very impressed at how everything worked out. A compelling look at how you can push the limits of any normal person into being a powerful killing machine.

3 thoughts on “The Brave One”

  1. Yeah i totally agree with this review.Difficult role for Foster but she pulls it off nicely.Found it very similiar to Death Sentence with Kev Bacon.Would, if you havent seen this give it a watch.

  2. Foster did a pretty good job in Brave One… a good demonstration of the power of fear; it felt like the cop compromised his convictions at the end, tho, kind of a let down

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