Renai and Josh Lambert and their three children are getting settled into their new home, four bedrooms, a large living room and a spacious attic. Josh is off to work as a teacher and Renai is at home working as a composer.  During a work session, Renai begins to hear voices on the baby monitor, creepy demonic male voices, which leads her to run and guard her child against something she doesn’t know or see. Later, one of their son’s, Dalton (Ty Simpkins) has an incident and is in a coma. Weird voices turn to scary sightings and Renai wants to move, now. They pack and move away to a new location, except the entities follows them and Renai is as scared as ever when some of the sightings are coming from Dalton’s room. Who’s hunting them and why? Why do they seem to be after Dalton? Will Renai and Josh run-off the entities or will they die protecting Dalton?



I saw so many negative reviews for this film, honestly I like it. What I like most was the originality. It’s not your typical demon possessed individual and the parents are summoning for a priest to perform an exorcism. The idea of what’s happening to Dalton and why is very creative, even though I can’t see that happening in real life. I don’t like that a lot of horror movies rely on loud music with an up tempo and a flash of an unpleasant face. I appreciate the traditional key components to make the audience jump but I wished for more originality on that section.  The end is something to watch, a wow-factor. It’s just a little confusing as to why Josh allowed the trade to happen. All in all, I will watch this film again.