storm warning

Storm Warning stars Robert Taylor,who some may recognise from The Matrix as Agent  Jones.Nadia fares,who recently starred opposite Jet Li and Jason Statham in The War.John Brumpton,David Lyons and Matthew Wilkinson who can be seen in Ghost Rider,Stealth and MI2.Directed by Jamie Blanks who gave us films such as Valentine and Urban Legend.

Storm Warning is about an everyday late thirties aged couple(Taylor,Fares),who hire a fishing boat for the day.As the day goes on,the weather begins to worsen and the husband decides they should go futher down and explore for a while.As they go get further from their docking site,the weather becomes a terrential storm and they soon find themselves in an unknown swampy area.Thw wife becomes concerned they are lost so they pull up at the river bank and decide to go and look for help.They soon discover an old deserted looking house with a large barn.The husband decides to look around outside for a while and discovers a shed containg a very large amount of mariguana growing inside.As the couple break into the house and look around for a phone,they dicover a picture containing three men and begin to acknowledge the fact thet there are people living here.Soon after breaking in,a truck pulls up outside and the couple come face to face with two young strangers(wilkinson,lyons) , who after asking for their help and a phone realise there is no chance of getting either.The couple are taken hostage.taunted and humilated and then thrown into a barn.After trying to run away the couple are recaptured and come face to face with the third stranger.Poppy(Brumpton).This is when the real terror of their situation begins.After much realisation the couple decide to take matters into their own hands and do whatever it takes to escape their capturers.

I found the set location on this worked very well,giving the ilm an instantanious creepy vibe.Effects used on the gore were cringingly realistic,almost too real in some parts.(warning to the men)I could not see any use of cgi which aded to the realism.I found the lead actors to have a natural on screen chemistry and played smoothly off each other.I haveto admit though i did find the husband annoying at the start,but before long got use to him.All performances given were sublime,probably the best performance was that of John Brumpton.Who gave an effortless performance as being the main bad guy,which really made you believ his charactr to be this evil and twisted.

To me it seems these days,most directors for horror films are just trying to out do each other by focusing more on the gore and  you  get very weak characters,who by the end, you end up not caring what happens to them and with a very forseeable end.But what struck me most with this film,was after hearing about it,thought this would be yet another standard horror flick with nothing new being brought to the table.Was how director Jamie Blanks manages to turn this around,not only making this one of the most unpredictable horror film i have seen giving it  a similiar feel to that of Wrong Turn, but by also not using the typical teenager and using mature actors whose characters develope and you care what happens to them.I can’t think of a horror apart from maybe the Saw franchise which has managed to do this.If you can think of any others please let me know. 

In my overall opinion, i don’t know how many have heard or know of this film,but its really quite simple.If you are wanting a horror with a cool twist then check this out.It has it all.Great pace and suspense  from the beginning build this to  a climatic ending,backed by fantastic mature acting with believable performances and direction from Jamie Blanks not shying away from giving this film a slick mixture of  characte rdevelopment and  story structure with the added scenes of hurrendous gore for the true horror buff make this a guaranteed horror not failing to shock  you.

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