Limitless (Neil Burger, 2011) starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro in the featured roles as Eddie Morra (Cooper) and Carl Van Loon (De Niro). Eddie Morra is a struggling writer who for all intensive purposes looks more like a hobo or bum than an employed writer simply struggling to meet his contract requirements. Without spoiling the film by going too deep into the plot Eddie Morra essentially runs into his ex brother in Law and is given a drug which unlocks the full potential of his mind. With his new found, drug induced powers, Morra turns his life around and enters the corporate stock exchange world where he meets Van Loon. Of course everyone cannot live happily ever after and as such shenanigans ensue, but you’ll have to watch the film to find out what they are.

Visually the film is on par with what’s being produced at the moment, the cinematography and camera work while not revolutionary are very good and add a much needed dynamic to the film to take away from some of the ridiculous events that take place, such as a completely out of place fight scene which occurs seemingly out of the blue for no apparent reason in a subway.

Now onto the film itself, it’s rather enjoyable, the plot is original and something you’ve probably never seen before at least in the way it plays out. Cooper and De Niro both provide decent performances and the film has a twist that while not extensively developed does maintain the films pace and it is employed at just the right time, it is unfortunately very predictable as with any too-good-to-be-true scenario. Where the film falls down in my opinion is with the sheer implausibility and ridiculous nature of some of the events that take place. Even with the potential of unlocking all of your brain at what point does using a child attached to an ice skate become the most efficient weapon of choice?

Overall the film is despite all its downfalls is an enjoyable experience, it wont revolutionise cinema and it wont set the bench mark for films to come, but it is something new and with reboot and remake era we seem to be in it is a nice change of pace. You should see this film if you’re looking for a fun film, it is enjoyable and if you can put aside the small flaws you will have a good time.

7/10 – A fun film, not revolutionary, but what is?

3 thoughts on “Limitless”

  1. nice first review Tom, i haven’t seen the film yet. Only thing i would suggest to you is to elaborate a bit more on the points you make. For example, you mention that you thought DeNiro and Cooper gave decent performances but you don’t give a reason why you think they were good in the film.

    Anyway i can tell from your review that Limitless will be the kind of film i expected it to be. Keep writing.

  2. Tom: I have enjoyed your review. I saw this movie about 3 weeks ago. You mentioned twice about ridiculous incidents in the film. I agree there were a few. The mention of the child’s skate will make the reader go see the movie to figure out what you meant about that reference

  3. I liked the review. Your style is like that of a conversation with a friend. I very much so agree with your statement about movies being in the “reboot and remake era” that Limitless “is a nice change of pace.”

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