After director Eli Roth’s anticlimactic “Cabin Fever” in 2002, watching director Ti West’s sequel “Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever” (starring upcoming actors & actresses Noah Segan, Alexi Wasser, Marc Senter, & Regan Deal as well as a brief reprise of Rider Strong) was a gamble on how the next 86 minutes of my life would be spent; whether in total enjoyment or regret. With all sequels, they have the opportunity to either live up to their predecessor or fail terribly to do so. I had hope that “Cabin Fever 2” would be one of the rare successions to a terrible original, but for many reasons – errors, plot holes, & terrible acting – “Cabin Fever 2” fell terribly short next to an original that also fell terribly short itself.
    After the original flesh-eating virus outbreak broke loose amongst camping college students in “Cabin Fever,” the local officials believed they had extinguished any threats of further outbreak. However, Paul (Rider Strong) spreads the infection into a local river. At the end of the river, the contaminated water is bottled & shipped off to a nearby town, specifically to a high school as a refreshment for prom night. The infected bottled water is drank by multiple students throughout the day before prom & the virus is also spread through other means of communal infection, leading to a devastating outbreak of the flesh-eating infection amongst the student body & staff, which causes it’s most damage during the prom. A higher authority attempts to put a stop to the incurable virus by exterminating all people in the high school as those uninfected try to escape infection & containment.

Spring Fever

    Errors in film are confusing & laughable. Thankfully, “Cabin Fever 2’s” plot is so thin that any error is void of confusion, full of laughter, & might even be turned into a spot-the-mistake game amongst viewers. For example: during the first scene in the high school as John (Noah Segan) & his best friend are having a girl-concentrated conversation while walking down the hallways, almost every time the angle changed, the extras in the background were different or disappeared. Errors like such exist throughout the entire film, leaving viewers unimpressed & feeling the lack of effort that went into putting “Cabin Fever 2” together.
    Plot holes have to be one of the worst errors in film. Even with a single plot hole, an entire film can be ruined. To no surprise, this is the case with “Cabin Fever 2.” To spare time (seeing as 86 minutes of my life has already been wasted), I will highlight the biggest plot hole within “Cabin Fever 2” – the bottling of the infection. Seeing as it is their business, water bottling companies take extreme precautions with their products; testing everything from the components of the plastic bottles to the toxicity of the water. Filtering of the water source is a top priority. The virus simply would have failed to pass the filtering test & not been bottled. No water company would ignore a failed filtration test. This is common sense & shows how little the creators of “Cabin Fever 2” used their own common sense while creating this film. Taking place at the start of the film, this plot hole makes “Cabin Fever 2” in it’s entirety irrelevant.
    All actors & actresses should have a chance at their big break, but regardless, it is no excuse for terrible acting if this is their career. Few actors & actresses featured in “Cabin Fever 2” showed any sign of talent. For the multiple actresses that furthered the cliche of horror movies by sharing their breasts with the audience, you just flushed your careers down the drain. To spare their budding careers, I will not specifically name any of the actors & actress that failed in performance, but do know that if you choose to watch “Cabin Fever 2,” you are in for a lot of over dramatization.
    Director Ti West’s “Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever” (sequel to director Eli Roth’s “Cabin Fever”) does not live up to the original, which itself lived up to very little. Being a film containing so many errors, plot holes, & other flaws, “Cabin Fever 2” is simply not worth a watch. If anyone does choose to watch it, I recommend skipping roughly to the last half hour for the gore & the last ten minutes for a final scene with a few laughs (this is probably the only part of the film worth watching).