Scream” was and always will be one of my personal favorite franchises. I recall watching the first “Scream” movie as a teen and it scared me well for over a week. Although the horror did see slight decrease as the latter movies came out of production, Director Wes Craven still managed to wrap up a decent fright. Wes Craven who simultaneously was working on 2 projects, “My Soul to take” and “Scream 4” has for the first time failed me. I have loved and admired his work and always will be his fan, but what happened in “My Soul to take”?

A serial killer who escaped his death 16 years ago (Did he really?) has returned to haunt his hometown. 7 kids born on the same night of the death of the above mentioned are haunted on their 16th birthday as a traditional ritual is cut short but police intervention. Could this have been the reason for the rollercoaster ride of revolting blood shed? Or was it inevitable? As sudden mystery murders take place all over the small town, everyone begins to wonder if the mythical serial killers legend is in fact a reality?

Does blood, screaming, and running through the bushes in a well-lit forest scare you?  Well I am sure if I was 7 years old, for sure I would have been frightened out of my skin. With the MPAA rating considered, I doubt the movie was made for children. Well if so why has Wes Craven fallen short of his reputation this time? Apart from 2 incidents (Can you imagine one can count the special effects so precisely in a horror flick?)  The director has limited his usage of gruesome scary spooky effects in this project of his. (I hope he saved it for “Scream 4”) Well effects didn’t matter in “Scream “since the script was outstandingly scary to me, but this time I feel a little more of the effect would have just taken the ratings up a notch. This is not a spoiler; but I need to share this. Where on earth have you heard the killer who sings out “Come out come out wherever you are?” I am very sure what was tried to achieve was the enhancement of the psychotic euphoria within the coldblooded murderer, instead a few chuckles from the audience was what he achieved.

I surely was convinced that the movie lacked the scare, what more can wrong? Poor screenplay? Yes.  I am not making an effort to take a Jab at Wes Craven. I need to make this point very clear for as I said before I appreciate his work and respect his efforts in all his past productions. Yet this time, I have to highlight the unconvincing areas in the script. He builds a plot with the image of the 7 children having characteristics of the mythical murderer. Soon afterwards he drops that trail of thought and changes the story line and does not tie up the loose ends he opened  prior. Also the unrealistic transformation of the protagonist, from a timid kid, who is not quite out of his shell in high school, in the wink of an eye knows how to use a revolver and to duck and avoid slashes by a knife like a Ninja? What was that really? I will never know!

Skip it! That’s all I can say; if you like the works of Wes Craven and if you know your horror, then skip “My Soul to take” and let’s keep the faith. Wes Craven was distracted by “Scream 4” and that was why this movie suffered. Only one way to find out, “Scream 4” opens in less than three weeks. Fingers Crossed!

Title: My Soul to Take

Directed by: Wes Craven

Rated: R for strong bloody violence & pervasive language including sexual references

Rating: 02/10