When given a second chance at life, wouldn’t you want to take it? That’s what Ray Bradstone (Paul “Triple H” Levesque) is trying to do. After a failed bank robbery attempt with his criminal friends, he spends seven years in jail. At the time of his release, with the verbal counseling of a radio DJ Dr. Marjore (Lucy Webb), Paul is a new man and is ready to make things right with his wife and daughter.  His old pal, Philip Larue (Kevin Corrigan), is there at the jail entrance waiting for him to do another bank robbery. Paul declines and pursues towards his family. Well, his ‘jump in my arms hug’ doesn’t come when his sees them. His wife now has a boyfriend and his daughter, who is now fourteen, doesn’t want anything to do with him. He tries to search for work but comes up short due to limited skills and a criminal record, so he goes back to Philip for financial support and the bank job is on. While the bank robbery is in progress, he sees his daughter getting onto the school bus for a field trip across the street. Will Paul come to his scenes, leave the bank and try to reconnect again with his daughter? Will Paul go through with the robbery and buy his family’s love?



When I saw the cover and read the description of this movie, the first think I thought was, “Oh boy, not another buff wrestler making a movie about being a duffus when tending to small children who torment him. Don’t we have way too many of those?” To my surprise, this movie was nothing like that and I liked watching it. I used to be a serious WWE fan and hearing Triple H using a gentle voice and his constant smiles, threw me for a loop; some getting used to. I like the storyline as well. The need for an ex-con to make it in society the honest way even though it’s hard when the people who he loves don’t support him and having a hard time finding work when the employees are scared of him, can’t be easy. I enjoyed the slight humor; it wasn’t over the top with clumsiness or a lot of idiot remarks, it was enough to stay tuned to what’s about to happen next. The location in the film is New Orleans and is the only thing I can say negative, is that I wish I could see a little more of the culture during the classes field trip. All in all, this movie is on Netflix demand and I will see it again.