“Idiocracy” stars Luke Wilson and co-stars Maya Rudolph, Dax Sheppard. It also contains a short, but funny cameo by Justin Long. It’s written and directed by Mike Judge, creator of the hit TV show “King Of The Hill” and director of “Office Space”

“Idiocracy” is a story that follows a extremely average private by the name of Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson). With no family, friends or future he is the perfect subject for a top secret hibernation program, along with a hooker named Rita. In this program the subjects are to awaken one year later, but they are forgotten about and awake in the year 2505. During the hibernation period, stupid people have outbred the intelligent ones and now Joe and Rita are the smartest people on earth.

I found the beginning to be pretty creative. The whole idea that the world is getting more dumb than smart seemed pretty realistic, which is kind of a scary thought. With a concept like this, you should expect the whole experience to be stupid fun and that it succeeds in doing. The editing was subpar. Some of the scenes could have hit the cutting room floor. Most of the jokes are pretty funny, but some of them are just played out too long.

The second half of the movie was more stupid than funny, but the whole thing still ends up having a ridiculous storyline and put most of that concept to good use. Mike Judge uses a number of imaginative ways to tell such a simple story. With the help of Etan Cohen, who has experience working with Mike Judge in previous TV shows, Judge creates a frighteningly vivid image of a future inhabited by brainless people.

I would recommend “Idiocracy” for anyone who is looking for a ludicrous, but amazingly believable, look at the future of mankind. The jokes are, at times, surprisingly smart. Others are just plain dumb. Overall, I was mostly smiling or laughing, which is a good sign. Some of the characters are annoying, but the really funny characters sort of off-set that matter. Mike Judge makes the most of the movie’s concept and creates a memorable comedy.

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