“Suck” Review

Any film that includes the likes of Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins and Mobi gets me down right excited. Throw in a fresh new look at a vampire tale and you’ve got me hooked. Suck (2009) involves the story of rock band The Winners, whose current tour sees them fighting for their taste of fame. Right from the start you’re expecting blood, gore, and killer tunes underlying a pretty epic tale. And you’re not disappointed.

Our first look at a vampire is completely hilarious. Translucent skin, blood red eyes, and the most extreme of gothic fashions, this vamp is the epitome of every current vampire stereotype, Twilight notwithstanding (no sparkling skin here guys!). Jennifer (Jessica Paré), the bands bassist, is drawn to the vampire, Queeny (Dimitri Coats), and she leaves a gig with him. When she returns, she too appears to be a vampire – pasty skin, glowing eyes; Jennifer now brings something new to The Winners, something darker. Unknown to her, she’s being haunted by Eddie Van Helsing (Malcolm McDowell), whose girlfriend was killed by Queeny several decades ago.

Bodies start to fall, band members slowly turn, and the band suddenly shoots to unknown levels of fame. When leader Joey (Rob Stefaniuk) is turned, he begins to see the error of their ways, understanding that fame does come at a price. He agrees to help Van Helsing hunt Queeny, in return for their humanity. The hunt begins.

The soundtrack kills throughout, original works are well written and cleverly placed in order to complement the story rather than detract from it. They are at once part of the story and stand alone songs. “I’m Coming to Get You”, “This is Your Brain on Drugs”, “So Close It Hurts” and “Suck” help to tell the story in a way that dialogue alone could not. Fabulous effects accompany the live band sequences, incredible displays of vampire strength and skill. The effects are never over done, and neither are the blood and guts scenes. Suck is a very clever look at the vampire genre that sticks to traditional rules – stakes, sunlight, blood sucking – whilst creating an entirely original story. Four and a Half Stars.

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