This film starts off with a massive thunderstorm that leaves the Drayton’s house with moderate damage.  David Drayton, (Thomas Jane) a movie film poster artist, heads to town to pick up supplies to fix a window where a tree smacked into it. Before he leaves, he and the family notice a thick mist forming from a high mountain; they brush it off as a result from the storm and David and his son Billy Drayton (Nathan Gamble) go to town with their neighbor. They get to the food store and before long a man, running in a panic, comes in saying “it took him, the mist took him; don’t go out there.” People in the store think he is crazy as some go outside anyway. The remanding company hears a man’s screaming cries as he is carried into the mist by some unknown creature. Everyone is left confused and full of questions. Mrs. Carmody (Marcia Gay Harden) volunteers herself by speaking God’s word, saying that they all deserve all of the punishment coming to them. Now they all are stuck inside, not knowing if outside loved ones have survived or not. An unfortunate series of events start to happen leaving more people dead. How long will David remain inside? Will he make a run for it? Where did the mist come from and why is it killing people?



I really liked this film; it‘s filled with suspense and fright. I enjoyed that I hated Mrs. Carmody and all of her threats using Biblical sayings and non-sayings. David is your average father, protecting his son by any means necessary, later in the film, you will see how. Soon the people start to separate, some go to Mrs. Carmody to hear God’s words sent to her and others stay with David for a logical plan to escape the mist and Mrs. Carmody’s old testament rituals. This film has you angry, sad, and high fiving the person next to you with it’s intense and highly emotional scenes.  The ending has an incredible shocking twist that will leave your mind in wonder and melancholy. There are a lot of reasons to watch this movie, but the ending is reason alone.  All in all, I bought this movie on DVD.