Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf? Apparently, the people of Daggerhorn are because for years they have sacrificed their best livestock as a bargaining tool to the wolf to not harm the residents. For years the wolf has come and accepted the offer and left the people alone until one day a girl is found dead. The girl is a local’s sister, Valerie (Amanda Seyfried). While trying to balance her love triangle of an arranged marriage from a family of money, Henri (Max Irons) and her true love, Peter (Shiloh Fernandez); now she has to add grievance to her drama filled-life. The wolf returns and this time kills more people to get to Valerie. When the wolf corners her and her friend, the wolf telepathically tells Valerie to run away with him or he will destroy the village. Will Valerie leave with the dangerous wolf to protect her people? What does the wolf want with her? Will Peter and Henri risk their lives to defend her? Who is the wolf? Review: Well, I liked the film. I like more that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the producers of the film. Loves him. Anyway, I like the scenery and dull depressing colors around Valerie in the village. Before she received the red cloak from her grandmother, her clothing was faded blue which blends in with the village’s atmosphere, showing that she a Daggerhornian. After receiving the cloak, I felt the bright red color signals her out as someone with hidden secrets or as a person who doesn’t really belong in that society. The acting was mediocre as well as the action scenes. I enjoyed the popular use of famous red riding hood lines when she goes to see her grandmother, who is really a wolf. “What big eyes you have grandmother…the better to see you with me dear…” Having these lines inserted into a dream is a better idea than using them in real time because then it would seem too text-book. All in all, I would watch this film again.