“The Descent” stars a all female cast that includes Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Jackson Mendoza, Alex Reid, Saskia Mulder, MyAnna Buring. It is written and directed by Neil Marshall. Just about every actress on the screen are above standard for a horror flick.

After a horrible car accident that results in her husband’s untimely death, a woman and her friends reunite to explore an unmarked cave. When the group gets trapped in the cave, they find out that they aren’t alone. Each of them are being hunted by bloodthirsty creatures called “Crawlers”. Now the group must find a way out of the cave before they are torn into pieces by the caves inhabitants.

This has to be one of the most claustrophobic horror movies ever made. The lighting of the film was done very well. It’s never too dark to tell what is going on, which is one of the most irritating aspects of recent horror movies. The monsters were done with no CGI to my knowledge. That alone scores some major points. Make-up artists Paul Hyatt and Vicki Lang create some of the creepiest and unthinkable movie monsters.

Neil Marshall, writter and director of “Dog Soldiers”, just might be one of the few filmmakers who can take a rehashed storyline and make it into a extordiany fright fest full of gore and great visuals. I give credit to each actress for their remarkably genuine performances. “The Descent” has all the ingredients to make a brilliant horror movie, except for that let-down of an ending.

Overall, this is a better version of “The Cave”, considering it had much better special effects and seemed less like a movie set. Those who are claustrophobic should be warned in advance, for they might find themselves out of breath. “The Descent” will satisfy those who are looking for tense and breathtaking horror with unimaginable creatures. Contains enough blood to appease the extreme gore-hounds. The ending, which is the most important part of any movie, is what really makes the film lose a large amount of acclaim from me and many others.