Set during a medieval era Red Riding Hood this fantasy/horror/mystery takes place in the small town of Daggerhorn which lies on the edge of a forest. Red Riding Hood stars Amanda, Seyfried, Shiloh Fernandez, and Gary Oldman.

The movie opens with the story of the young Valerie/ Red Riding Hood. She aims to always do as she is told and not to speak to strangers as her parents instructed her, but she has befriended a young boy, Peter, who she secretly plays with while off to do chores. As Valerie (Seyfried) and Peter (Hernandez) grow into teenagers, we see their attraction is beyond a platonic friendship and even imagine running away together. Unfortunately, Valerie has been arranged to marry Henry, the son of the towns blacksmith. After learning the news of the arranged engagement, Valerie is eager to leave her life at Daggerhorn behind to be with Peter. But, the age old plague of a ferocious werewolf on Daggerhorn puts a damper on these plans as more and more murders arise.

Summoned by the town priest, Father Solomon (Oldman) arrives with his entourage of soldiers to slay the werewolf. Upon Father Solomon’s arrival, he reveals the fact that a werewolf takes on human form during the day and the werewolf they fear may be living among them.This raises suspicion and chaos about the entire town.

Catherine Hardwicke directed Red Riding Hood and, ironically, she also directed the first Twilight movie.  I felt the ominous look when the werewolf was about to arrive in this movie was very similar to the look of the presence of the werewolves in Twilight. Besides the similarities in the overall look, the same guy who brought us Twilight, also brought us Red Riding Hood, and it showed.

Throughout the movie, there maintains a good level of mystery when trying to decide who the possible werewolf is. Beside that factor, the concept of the movie could have been great instead of mediocre if put in different hands.

My verdict: 2.5 stars