American Gangster

It’s hard to believe it, but the Oscar’s are just around the corner and one movie that has receiver some of the buzz is an American Gangster starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. The movie also has supporting roles from Cuba Gooding Jr., rapper T.I. and Common. The film is also based on a true story and has one of the most intense opening scenes I’ve seen in a while. The story begins with  Frank Lucas(Washington) as a driver for a powerful gangster shortly after this character appears he passes on leaving Frank Lucas with a decision to make. Make his own money or work for someone else? Needless to say Frank Lucas becomes a powerful gangster by smuggling heroin into the United States during the Vietnam War in coffins.

I thought this movie was a little long there were several scenes that could have been cut out, I also had a problem with the female roll in this film. If a women wasn’t a prostitute then she was completely naked packaging the drugs. It was just a little too much. I was also disappointed with the soundtrack during the 70s some of the best music ever made was produced, but the soundtrack just didn’t have any spark to help with the plot.

Despite my disappointment with the soundtrack and the female role I would still definitely recommend seeing this movie the plot is very interesting and the character of Frank Lucas is both interesting and well acted.  The character of Detective Richie Roberts is also interesting because the audience learns that he’s no angel by being a not so perfect husband and father, but he’s an honest cop.

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  1. I disagree with a lot of your review. This is a true story, so of course the women are going to be prostitutes and naked, or whatever. That was how they were then. Plus the osundtrack to me was great, it didn’t overpower the movie with songs from today, which I feel too many movies depend on nowadays. Otherwise I agree that the movie was a little slow and some of the scenes should have been cut.

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