This movie stars Diane Lane and Colin Hanks.  It is an hour and forty-one minutes long.  It is rated R for violent scenes and images. 

This movie is about an FBI unit that searches for and solves cyber crimes, which is anything involving the internet and computers.  Diane Lane plays Jennifer Marsh and Colin Hanks is her “partner” or at least he plays the guys she has worked the longest with.  Most of their cases involve pedophiles and theft of funds and information, until the day they get a note about a website called killwithme.com.  This website lets the viewers kill the victim, the more viewers the faster the victim goes, and it all starts with a kitten.  Of course, it always involves an animal.  Anyway, Jennifer Marsh gets dragged in, and the person behind the website starts coming after her, even setting up a camera outside of her house.  In the end some die and some live, but if I tell you what happens I would be giving away too much.

The plot behind this movie was a pretty good one.  In truth if a website like this popped up today it probably would get a lot of hits.  People would be curious if it was real or not and it would probably get a lot of viewers.  The idea of killing online, however, is not a new one.  There have been a few before it, like Fear.com, which was more about revenge than murder.  This movie took a more realistic turn, and one has to wonder, is there a website out there like this?  The acting in the movie was pretty good as well, although there were times when I felt that Diane Lane’s character fell a little flat.  I could have used a little more emotion, especially since her little girl was at one point possibly put in harms way.

Another problem I had was with the idea that Diane Lane was a seasoned FBI agent.  She does a lot of things in the movie, especially towards the end, that makes you wonder how long she has been working at cyber crimes, or at the FBI.  A lot of the mistakes she makes seems so obvious, even joe average wouldn’t make those mistakes.  Also the reason for one of the murders seemed a little far fetched.  It was actually the murder of a fellow FBI agent that made me question, why would the killer take that chance?  So not all of the movie was believable, but if you don’t know a lot about law enforcement, you might just let some of the problems I had slide.

If you want a good guy/bad guy movie, go see this.  It has some gore, but it isn’t just gore for the sake of gore.  It all has a point.  It is better than a lot of other movies that were out there, so if you want something that doesn’t suck to watch, go see this.

9 thoughts on “Untraceble”

  1. I’m a huge Diane Lane fan but can readily admit when she’s in a bad movie. I thought this movie was actually pretty decent for what it is, and it had a good ending–which is where most of these movies usually fall apart completely. It’s definitely fluff, but entertaining for sure.


  3. I’ll be completely blunt…this film is from such a cliched genre. It was just an average movie. I don’t think any serial killer/death trap movie will live up to the Saw series. Films such as these are just getting monotonous.

  4. I’m 15 and live in Georgia and am already the premiere writer for a newspaper, kamrynsmith98, so booyah on my part. On the film’s behalf: The movie was okay, Colin Hanks was good, obviously, and well… Diane Lane was Diane Lane. They gave away the villain too quickly. 2/5 stars.

  5. I have to say, I jokingly call this movie “Unwatchable” because that is really what I thought it was. The director of “Fallen” and “Primal Fear” should have been able to do a lot better than this. Diane Lane must have really needed a paycheck, is all I can think…

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