This movie is great for all ages it’s an animated cartoon featuring the voices of Mike Meyers as Shrek,  Eddie Murphy as Donkey, Cameron Diaz as Prince Fiona, and John Lithkow as Lord Farquad. The movie follows Shrek as he has been order to rescue the princess who is trapped in a castle guarded by a fire breathing dragon. The movie takes nearly every fair tale and finds the funny side of each one. This movie is also great because in several scene there are jokes that adults will understand that your seven year old won’t even catch. 

The movie is all about a journey of friendship and eventually love showing that love can happen with anyone no matter what they look like. The writers of this movie do a great job in making the story not seem overwhelming or sappy like that of most love story. The two characters that fall in love are of course Shrek and Princess Fiona (who we later find out has been cursed as is actually an ogre.)  This is also a movie that has several pop culture references leaving the audience wanting to see the film again just to catch all of the references.

This is simple a great story with great animation that proves you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a cartoon.      

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  1. I thought this movie was okay, but I have to admit I liked the second one way more. I thought it was funnier and the character of Puss n Boots was priceless.

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