Is there anything better than a pointless action film? Well, there are films with a well developed plot and characters, but who cares about those? Action films still to this day, prove that it doesn’t have to be a good film to be ridiculously entertaining and fun, and there may not be a better example than “Starship Troopers”. Director Paul Verhoeven showed how fun a film can be when you just don’t care how stupid and campy it is. The film has every negative thing a movie can have: bad acting, awful dialogue, pointless underdeveloped characters; the list goes on and on, but it uses all it’s bad qualities to make a fun film that turns into one big campy gore-fest!

Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien) decides that after he has graduated he will follow his girlfriend Carmen (Denise Richards) to join the military and become a “Civilian”. They are separated to pursue different positions and Rico soon finds himself among the grunts in a intergalactic war with an alien race of giant man-eating bugs.

Every now and then we are gifted with guilty pleasures like this and trust me it’s always a breath of fresh air. It’s filled with so many memorable scenes and hilarious moments, I just can’t help but love it. The films biggest two names are probably Denise Richards and Neil Patrick Harris; Richards her normal self, bad and forgettable. Neil Patrick Harris was hardly in the movie and when he was on screen he was either a jerk or an emotionless zombie who looked like he had accidentally wandered on the set, but it’s forgivable because it didn’t bother me and he is Neil Patrick Harris of course. None of the characters were well developed and the writing was pretty awful which only helps add on to the campy feel of it, if you seem like you had fun making it, it usually helps the audience have fun watching it.

The film lives off some pretty great scenes of gore for the time it was made and there probably isn’t more than a couple scenes without someone being ripped in half or having their insides blown everywhere. The best parts are when you have a really awful scene like every fight scene in the movie with two humans fighting each other; someone either has body parts broken or have really awkward fighting moves that would make West Side Story laugh. Overall this film is really bad, but highly entertaining and would be a great one to watch with a group of friends. Its not something you ever need to see, but still worth checking out (it’s on Netflix for those lucky enough to have it).