Starring Buzz, Woody, Andy, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Jessie, Lots’o’Huggin’ Bear and Barbie.  Introducing the incredible Bonnie


Running Time- 1 hour 49 minutes


Tomatometer- Critics gave it soaring 99% overall (this is the HIGHEST rating for any movie the entire year).  Audiences awarded it a 91%


Oscar facts- 3rd animated film in history (after Beauty and the Beast and Up) to be nominated for Best Picture. It has also been nominated for four other awards — Best Animated Feature, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Song, and Best Sound Editing


I thought as my last review it would be appropriate to do “the kids movie”.  The seemingly fluffy “oh how cute and cuddly” basic surface kind of movie.  Although Toy Story 3 was the highest rated movie all year, it for some reason seems to have the least likely chance of winning.   People say “bah, it’s a cartoon” and somehow that means it’s disregarded.  In a season where I am rooting for the underdogs, I thought ending with the kids movie that impacted adults way more than the kiddies- and leaving us all with the truth that anything is possible.   I will start off though by saying it’s okay to say you loved it- everyone else did too.  This movie reminded us that we once cared so much for something that didn’t evolve around money, career, jobs or changing the world.  It was about you, me and our best friends.


11 years after Toy Story 2- we pondered why go back? What’s worth saying?  The first two movies were touching and inspiring, showcasing that behind closed doors, toys come alive- how can you top that?  Didn’t it end?


I think they took the 11 years to ensure that this trilogy wrapped up as best as possible.


Pixar has rocked the animation world like an angry game of Hungry Hungry Hippo- back with it’s original feature, Toy Story, it was noted for it’s ability to work adult humour into a kids movie, that kept the adults happy in their seats.  With movies such as Wall-e, Up and now Toy Story 3, I would almost argue that the movies are aimed towards adults, with enough colour to keep kids happy in their seats. They’ve done what no one wants to admit- made ‘cartoons’ for grown ups.


Toy Story 3 poses the questions we as kids were too afraid to ask, and as adults, we were too ashamed to ask.  What happens to toys once we grow up?  We follow our good friends Buzz, Woody and the gang as they watch Andy, now 17, get ready to head out to college.  It seems like he is ‘throwing’ the toys out, and they end up at Sunnyside Daycare, which is anything buy sunshine and lollipops.  Although the new toys there are bright and colourful, we quickly learn that not every toy is a happy toy.  But what happens to lost toys?  We know Andy’s toys had their own personalities but all ‘lived’ to make Andy happy- to love and be loved.  Will they find that love again, and is that love really ever gone?


Toy Story 3 has not only went on to become the highest grossing movie of 2010 with $415 million in North America, but it’s also has become the #5 top grossing film EVER.  It is now the top grossing animated feature and became the first ever animated film in history to make over $1 billion worldwide.  That says lot.  Globally we as people embraced this motion picture event unlike any other Oscar contender.


It’s hilarious, touching, insightful.  It’s dark- the finale, the prison break, the brutality of toys on toys.  The talented voice cast are in top condition and work with an excellent witty smart script.  It made having a sequel totally worth while. It’s impossible not to cry if you’ve ever owned a toy you’ve loved.  The selling point for this masterpiece- It’s sentimental in a new way.  I’m getting tingly writing this review and reflecting on the ending.   It gives hope to everyone and every toy out there.  That’s what Oscar loves isn’t it?  Hope, emotion, insight?


Oh Oscar- there’s no talk or hype about Toy Story 3 at all. “It’ll win best animated feature, leave it there”. I think Oscar would be afraid to be disregarded as a ‘the respected awards show’ if they gave it to to a “kids cartoon”.   If Toy Story snuck in for the Best Picture, it would be the shock of the century and I would be giving it a standing ovation and hugging any toy or stuffed creature with tears running down my face.  I would feel validated like never before, knowing that everyone’s fears are real and that things for our own Mr. Potato Head, or broken teddy bear can be okay.  The average person goes through the motions of Toy Story 3.   A lot of us are not boxers, or ballerinas, we’re not kings or cowboys.  We all were kids and no matter where we grew up, or how privileged we were, we all had something that we valued more than anything that we had to let go of as we ‘grew up’.  I think this is why this movie made more than a billion dollars- we all wanted to know that our toys, wherever they are, might just be all right after all -as long as we loved them, they are happy and they understood.    And if we set them up right, they’ve went on to change someone else’s life just like they shaped ours.  Sounds like a Best Picture to me.