The King’s SpeechStarring King with a Stutter Colin Firth, Speech Therapist with Odd Methods Geoffrey Rush, Wife & Queen with assigned Fashion Sense Helena Bonham CarterRunning time- 1hr 51 minutesOscar nominations- 12 (pretty well everything)Golden Globe history- nominated for 7, walked away with only one (For Firth, Best Actor)Tomatometer- Audiences and Critics agree- 95%King’s Speech- With this one I’m going to cut out the fluff and get right to ‘the speech’- It’s a good movie. A well designed, well put together period piece capturing a very good Firth playing King George VI as he works through his stutter. A few good laughs. Good chemistry. Good style. I think a lot of people have seen this film and they would agree that the King’s Speech is a “good film”. But is that enough to make it best picture?I saw this at TIFF when it won the Audience Choice Award. I was intrigued as it had only had a few screenings and I had heard no one talking about it at all (Everyone was buzzing about Black Swan the entire festival…). I went in, excited to see what had taken the crown. I left saying “wow, good movie. A bit too long in the middle, but solid ending. Who wants pizza?”There was nothing to talk about other than “that was good”. Should this win the Oscar- I really hope not. Will it? It’s got a decent chance. Oscar likes history pieces and feel good movies. It’s doing well across the awards nominations board. The trailer sure makes it look action packed and exciting. It’s caught on well with audiences, having crossed the $100 million this weekend. It is a flowing period piece that captures a moment in history. It doesn’t cause too much controversy and it’s hard not to like it because there is nothing to question. Nice costumes. A happy empowering ending. Solid characters and solid acting by everyone. But have I seen this movie before in the Queen, etc etc? YES.I feel almost every other movie nominated this year created more conversation and insight. They gave us something new, or something refreshed. The King’s Speech is a solid break from reality- a perfect period piece of entertainment. It gave us something we’re comfortable with. The King’s Speech takes the crown for filling a ‘happy void of space’ sure, but I hope that’s not reason enough to be King at the Oscars.