This film is about a doctor named Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) who is traveling to Berlin with his wife, Elizabeth Harris (January Jones) for a convention. Everything is on scheduled time until Martin forgets his passport at the airport. He leaves Elizabeth to clock in at the hotel while he rushes back to get it. An unforeseeable accident occurs and Martin is in the hospital for a couple of days. He goes back to the hotel to find his wife only to discover she doesn’t know who he is. Another shocker is that she is there with another man claiming to be Dr. Martin Harris. Martin is at a standstill; he goes back to find the taxi driver from the accident named Gina (Diane Kruger) who doesn’t want to be bothered. Martin does some research only to find that the imposter Martin Harris is not an imposter. Passports, ids, and pictures with Elizabeth prove that the imposter is the real Dr. Harris. Martin is just about to give up and call himself crazy when a hit man tries to kill him and he now knows that the whole ordeal is a lie and the other Martin is an imposter and his wife is in danger. He returns to Gina for help and they both set off to run from other hit men and figure out why someone wants to impersonate him. Is this an alien experiment? Will Martin get his life back? Will Gina risk her life to help a stranger? 

Review:I enjoyed this film. I hear from another viewer that this film is similar to Liam’s previous film, “Taken.” I don’t believe this is true from my viewing. On a bias note, I love Liam’s voice, he sounds like a superhero. I would watch any of his movies just to hear him talk; it’s like watching cartoons on a Saturday morning. Off the note, the scenery is beautiful even in the gray blue hazy skies. I was waiting throughout the film for the combat scene with Martin but it didn’t happen until the end; which is okay because it fits with the story. The best part I enjoyed about this film is that the originality of the whole, ‘impersonation and no one remembering who Martin is.’ I was expecting some type of alien interference or an army experiment or terrorist spy brainwashing. But no, the entire concept of Martin being a hit man himself and his mind being ‘scrabbled’ from the accident making him believe that he was his alas name (Dr. Martin Harris), was very entertaining and exciting to watch.  All in all, I will view this film again.