Knight and Day (109 min)

In my opinion this was a clever movie. From its humor to its story line it was clever all the way through. Where it flawed was the special effects, which were a little over the top in most scenes. But the idea of an innocent women (Cameron Diaz) being dragged into such a catastrophe of events without any say really was a silly yet smart idea for a story. I enjoyed it. And this Cameron Diaz was not the Cameron Diaz we hate and ignore, trying to play a serious role like in The Box (awful movie). Here we see the Cameron Diaz that we can tolerate, which is the goofy and innocently silly Cameron Diaz. Tom Cruz was just being Tom Cruz in this movie which is fine for me. He was one of those people that are so reckless yet so controlling of their recklessness that they really give you those ooh ah moments. In here he could pretty much get away with doing anything, simply invincible. That is, until he meets June Havens, who is Cameron Diaz’s role. She is fun and witty and just overall nice to be around when she is not carelessly shooting away at a fully automatic machine gun out of fear. She is the definition of goofy in this movie. What I like about it though is how fast paced it is and how in such little time, June is in as much trouble as her little head can handle. Right from the beginning, when she meets this mysterious man in the airport twice and then more intimately on the plane, she was headed for a crazy ride of an adventure which is what you are in for when watching this entertaining film. “Knight and Day” is rated PG-13 for sequences of action violence throughout, and brief strong language.