Easy A (2010)

   A romantic comedy that asks us is it better to be known for a lie than to be known at all?  Set in present day Ojai California, Easy A stars the likes of Emma Stone(Jules from Superbad) as the protagonist, with a cast full of a few notable stars such as Amanda Bynes(Viola from She’s the Man), Penn Badgley(Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl) and Lisa Kudrow(Phoebe from Friends).

High school is full of different types of people from jocks to geeks, from cheerleaders to those people who sit around in spiritual circles and sing kum ba ya.  Olive(Emma Stone) is like many high school students who would rather remain unnoticed through high school than be the center of attention, until one day she lies to her friend Rhiannon about losing her virginity.  As the rumor around the school grows so does Olive’s popularity.  Olive decides to embrace her new stardom going as far as to wear a scarlet A on her clothes like Hester Prynne from the book The Scarlett Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  Olive with her  increasing popularity, sparks the interest of Brandon, a boy who is tired of being bullied for his sexual preferences.  Brandon and Olive strike a deal to fake sleeping with each other at a party to get everyone to leave Brandon alone.  After going through with the scheme Olive is approached by more and more of the boys on the lower end of the schools social ladder looking for the same deal.  As the rumors of Olive’s promiscuity flourish and her life seems to be going into a downward spiral, she wanders if she will ever get a real date or will her reputation always precede her.

I enjoyed the sarcastic humor of Emma Stone, the awkwardness of Olive’s disfunctional parents compiled with a great soundtrack with songs like Symphonies from Dan Black and Change of Seasons by Sweet Thing make this a movie I strongly recommend watching.

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