TRON: Legacy  (125 min)

 This may be one of the coolest movies I have ever seen, with the mind blowing special effects. Jeff Bridges is also brilliant and very convincing in the 3 different roles he plays. He plays Kevin Flynn, a father who leaves his family behind one time in the middle of the night. Now 20 years later, he is calling on his son (Garrett Hedlund) for help in a place like no other. He leads him to a portal that transports him into a computer software program that father Flynn created. Young Flynn is forcefully tested in the games that go on which are in a way gladiator style, as you struggle for survival against others in disk throwing, where you throw disks at each other, as well as these digital car races. This is where the mind blowing special effects come in. It’s a digital light and sound show like no other. Definitely see this movie in IMAX if you can, although the 3D version is dimmer. You can tell by just taking off your glasses, but it is worth it. Young Flynn is to survive the games and to help his father plus a girl named Quorra, played as the new apprentice of father Flynn by the beautiful Olivia Wilde, and they must defeat the onslaught of a dictator who took over the whole system. We are just going to call him evil Jeff Bridges. This is the other role Bridges plays and he plays it off with ease. The third role he plays is young Flynn’s digital, younger version of his dad. This is shown to be what father Flynn looked like when he left. Bridges is made to look younger via special affects and trust me they are good in this movie and so is Mr. Jeff Bridges. “TRON: Legacy” is rated PG for sequences of sci-fi action violence and brief mild language.