I chose this movie because of the Director. I thought someone who did Titanic and Avatar, could do no wrong.Well, I obviously could do a lot wrong and I did by going to  see this movie.I have never, ever seen anything this bad. The only reason I didn’t leave, was because my wife seemed to be enjoying itand I didn’t want to spoil it for her.Everything was bed. The choice of actors, the story, everything.The “illusion” wasn’t there. I could not go beyond the reality, that some people were talking in front of the camera. The 3Ddidn’t do anything to improve it. I made sure to watch the credits at the end, because I wanted to make sure I knew whodid this piece of work. Towards the end, they listed the “plaster” director. Right there, I felt vindicated. That guy musthave worked harder than anyone else in this movie. I don’t want to explain this part, just in case you still want to see it.but  I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean if you decide to see it.To Mr. Cameron’s credit, It seems like he was only the executive producer, like he financed the whole thing. I hopethat’s all he did. I want to think that’s all he did. If he was involved with the creation of this thing, I think he should retireand just go live a happy life somewhere with all the money from Avatar and Titanic. Maybe there’s a way of removinghis name from the credits of this thing. I wanna remove the whole thing from my mind.

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